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Why Us?, Inc Announces Its Formal Entry Into the Security Blockchain   Encintas, California, December 1, 2017, Inc. (, the technology company that has been designing and developing security applications for over 15 years has announced its formal entry to the security Blockchain.  According to Travis Biehn, technical strategist at enterprise software and solutions firm Synopsys, the blockchain is "no silver bullet" for security, but the technology holds promise as a way not only to record financial transactions but also as a means to control network communication, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) devices and supply chains.

How You’re Protected

Informations on Blockchain, Etherium and Bitcoin/CryptoCurrencies, Inc Announces Its Strategy as it Enters into the Security Blockchain Technology Market Using the Raspberry Pi and Will Concentrate its Efforts on the SolarCoin Market.

The Future of Money

The SolarCoin Foundation is an international network of volunteers and community members whose job it is to oversee the distribution of SolarCoins (cryptoexchange symbol: SLR) – a blockchain-based digital currency that is distributed to solar producers at a rate of one coin per megawatt-hour of solar energy produced, based on verified meter readings. The organization maintains a public ledger that records each SolarCoin given out to solar electricity generators.


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